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  • Website design outsourcing

    Hi everyone,

    I am more of a 'viewer' than a 'poster' on this forum, but I am in need of some help.

    I am working with a client in a business development role, and as part of this a complete redesign and rebranding of the current internet presence is required.

    I am looking for an outsourcing company who will meet with us once or maybe twice maximum and then take complete control of the design process.

    I am not looking for web designers, but a company who can go out and source the best deals etc and then project manage the process. There are too many web designers out there for me to contact them all.

    Sorry if this is a duplication of a previous post.



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    I'd like to talk to you about this position. Please email me at nostore @ (no spaces!)



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      I am workign in shell right now and I have good network of friends who are excellent web designers, I have vast knowledge in eCommerce from scratch (booking domain names, designing, maintaining website etc etc)

      If you are intrested then I can come and explain about my previous ventures in detail and I can offer revamping of your website and charge only once you are satisfied with our work

      Looking forward..

      contact me at


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        Thanks for the replies so far.

        I am really looking for a partner with a national presence.

        Any ideas?


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          You never emailed me about this. I have some information I believe to be useful to you. Email me or let me know how to contact you.

          Thanks again


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            Hi there Leeroy i know this is a very very late reply to your post, i just want to give a heads up regarding to your topic. It is not that easy to find an outsourcing firm that is a trustworthy one, there are many outsourcing firms that just say promises and no actions at all. I would like to recommend Axiem Corporation BPO outsourcing services company, because i know they can meet your expectations just try them out. Good luck!
            Axiem Corporation


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              Just want to recommend an outsourcing firm for future reference. Guys if you will be needing again an outsourcing firm that does web designing, I would like to recommend Offshore Business Processing BPO Australia. The company provides IT services such as web development, web designing, internet marketing and network engineering. You can take advantage of the highly trained people and specialist that can do the job for you easily. You can check it out! Cheers!


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                Website design outsourcing

                We are a reputed IT company, serve various kinds of IT solutions for Different kind of industries like Automotive,healthcare, publishing and media, Entertainment and gaming etc. since 1997. We combine our business domain experience, technical expertise and profound knowledge of latest industry trends to design, develop and implement a solution that is not only high on functionality, but also low on cost. We own end-to-end responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. We work closely with our client’s in-house IT team for analysis, design, implementation, testing, and integration of the new system.
                best web application development provider


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                  if you want to outsource your work i suggest you to get services of some freelancer, you could get one from the freelance marketplace who can work for you on flexible hours.