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    Hi everyone.

    I'm James, I've made a few posts already regarding my BritishSitcoms website, but this post is regarding an interest of my girlfriends, and I'm posting this on behalf of her.

    We're both currently in work, and both 18 years old. But neither of us are particularily happy in our current jobs in retail, we see it as money, but nothing more. We'd both like to eventually do something that interests us further, and whilst having a conversation with my girlfriend I discovered she'd like to do domestic cleaning, but hadn't really given it serious thought. But with me just having started my website I asked whether she'd seriously consider it and she said she would.

    Now she wouldn't give up her current job unless it got to the stage where she could be making a decent guaranteed income. So initially she wants to start part time whilst doing her current job. I thought maybe we could make some flyers, take them round the local area, and possibly charge in the region of £7.50 per hour of domestic cleaning.

    At the moment this is a very basic outline of the plan, and almost a thinking aloud type post but I just wondered whether anyone has any advice or ideas regarding the idea? They'd be greatly appreciated.



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    You're going to have to charge more than "£7.50 per hour" for domestic cleaning, to cover all your costs
    Ideally you should be supplying all the equipment and cleaning materials, and believe me these cost a fair bundle!
    Nextly, you are going to have to get to/from the client, that in itself might cost you £10

    We have a local person does this and they charge £25 for the first hour, then £6 per half hour thereafter
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      Hi James,

      If done correctly, I think there are lots of market gaps for what could be described as ‘chore’ based services… car cleaning, lawn cutting, house cleaning, dog walking etc etc.

      They may not make many people millionaires but there is no reason why they can’t generate a nice income if expanded to enough staff and enough homes. The next step could then be offices, cars etc etc and then you have real potential for growth.

      Something to bear in mind is that these services are more susceptible to market downturns. People might chose to clean there own house as a way of cutting back. Without teaching anyone to suck eggs, a service like this will rely, in part, on referrals so service quality will be everything.

      This business idea is cheap to test. You could spend a few days knocking on doors doing some market research on how people there house currently, would they consider an external company, factors that would make them consider or dismiss this type of service etc etc. Obviously this will only tell you what people ‘think’ they would do rather than what they would actually do, but will give you an indication if the idea has legs.


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        The only cleaning business I know of is Molly Maid. I always see the MM mobile zoom past my house. :] I think we'd all agree that they'd be your biggest competitor, although I have no idea locally what domestic cleaning services are like.

        Best of luck!


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          Their services are actually fairly basic
          Although they "claim" to clean surfaces and rooms, they are not actually permitted to lift items on the surface
          That includes things like a toaster in the kitchen, or the TV in the lounge
          Instead they must clean around them
          You need to be aware of this when cleaning in a domestic premises

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            There is generally always a market for cleaners and "home helps" although this might tighten in the current times.

            In my area you pay at least £10 per hour, it will vary depending on where you are.

            They key to it is to not let it slip - I have had several cleaners who try and rush it and do a progressively poorer job as time goes on.

            For advertising, leafleting is one, but also try local community websites and those adverts you see in the window of the local shop.
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