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Employment & Self Employment at the same time.

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  • Employment & Self Employment at the same time.

    I have a slight predicament. I have been working full time for 6 years in a variety of different roles. The one I am currently in (Insolvency Administrator) has announced likely redundancy at the end of this month.

    I have been running my Pole Dance Teaching Business for over a year and it has taken off nicely and I am passionate about it. I have parties being booked frequently on my weekends and new girls contacting me every week for the regular classes.

    Due to the fact I am stuck in my full time role all day, I miss phone calls and emails that I am not meant to answer from people wanting to come for classes. These have been coming more frequent and I have missed out on business due to the fact I cannot get the phone and people cannot speak to me to come to the class that they are phoning about for that night for example.

    I have been working full time employment, part time self employment. So have evenings and weekends for the business and Monday - Friday 9-5pm for employment.

    Now due to the fact I am being made redundant due to our cost cutting head office. I have the opportunity to decide if I should get another full time job, part time job or no job so I can focus on my business?

    I am a little worried about the current climate and the fact that people are struggling and it is not a good time to lose a secure job. However by going into another full time role I will restrict my business and it will not be able to develop without my time as I also really want to work on retaining existing customers too.

    My questions are:

    How easy is it to go full time self employed?

    Do people have any tips on to contribute before doing it?

    Can anyone tell me about any experiences of running a business while working full time?

    I have been working on plans, forecasts, budgets, everything I can think of picking it up as I go along.

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    Employment or Self Employment

    Hi Cat,

    I have just taken the plunge into self employment after 10 years applying my trade from someone else. It is quiet scary, but I have found the stresses of finding new business and worrying about the balances are nothing to the constant annoyance from my last employers.

    I may not be the best person to give you any advice or tips on what or how to make the transition. I had been doing a lot of freelance work in the evenings and weekends, which was really starting to take it's toll. Also I seem to bee running out of spare time to take on extra work. So I decided to ask my employers if I could go part time, this hopefully would be an opportunity for both of us, as in this current climate they would save a bit of cash as they had been making a few noises about the matter and I would get more time to build my business. This worked for about 6 weeks until they turned around out of the blue and told me they were not happy with it anymore so I was to return full time or take 6 months off, so to their surprise I said bye bye.

    I hadn't and still haven't carried out as much work as you have by the sounds of things in terms of your plans and forecasts. I did however have enough in the bank to tie me over for a short period. I also thought that now is good a time as any, if i can't make it work now then at least I will not spend the rest of my life thinking what if, whilst still working for someone else.

    I feel I have certainly been gung-ho in the way I have set up, an I do hope that you receive some more advice from someone who has set up business in a sensible and responsible way
    But by the sounds of it too me you have a business crying out to expand, if you are confident and you really are missing out on quite a bit of business, hold off for your redundancy, grab it with both hands and get dancing!

    This is obviously my opinion, best to wait for someone sensible to give you advice too, but I recon you'll be aright.

    Best of luck
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      Hi Cat,

      I was in a similar position as well and the one thing i would say is that if you business is growing without having key times to focus on it then there is a very good chance it will thrive with a full time approach.

      While its not good to be missing calls when you are working, the silver lining is that the business is generating calls to miss.

      I hope this helps and wish you all the best
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        I would say if you are wanting to go into full time self-employment you have to make sure that you have a steady customer base. Especially at these crucial times. If you do ; then self-employment is a great option. Good Luck!
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          Even one of the most growing and perhaps the most effective sectors of the long run are not suffering from the financial crisis. The technical market is now suffering from large job failures in different groups. Although you will still see enhancements almost every day from the technical market through their devices and services the people behind the execution.