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Networking - a joy or a struggle?

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  • Networking - a joy or a struggle?

    Shell LiveWIRE alumnus Aeropowder’s advice to entrepreneurs is to ‘get yourself out and network, network, network!’

    Although networking is essential in developing new business relationships and spreading the word about your start-up, many entrepreneurs find it overwhelming. After all, approaching and introducing yourself to a bunch of strangers is no easy task!

    Shell LiveWIRE recently posted a blog aimed at supporting entrepreneurs to make the most of networking opportunities. The blog provides three top tips to conquer networking events:
    1. Have a goal for the event
    Planning is extremely important in every area of business. Before attending a networking event, it’s important to know what your goal or strategy is. Think about why you are attending the event and how you will benefit from the potential connections.
    1. Engage and Listen
    Networking is a two-way street and it is just as important to engage and listen to what your contact has to say. After you have introduced yourself, turn your attention to your contact, show genuine interest and ask open-ended questions.
    1. Follow up
    Following up with your new contact with a personalised message through LinkedIn, email or telephone will let them know how valuable you found the conversation. This will also show your dedication and enthusiasm and ensure that your great first impression really sticks.

    Do you have any questions for the seasoned networkers on our forum? What are your proven tips for attending networking events?

    Get involved in the conversation and comment below!
    Nicola Wood
    Project Assistant Social Media Lead (Shell LiveWIRE)

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    The main issue I always had with it, is that it is incredibly boring most the time. I think it depends on your industry as to whether networking is going to be useful for you, I think it's more useful for b2b.

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