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2017's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Announcement!

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  • 2017's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Announcement!

    2017 was a fantastic year for Shell LiveWIRE with 12 outstanding entrepreneurs winning a Smarter Future Award and joining our alumni network. These entrepreneurs are now on the longlist for 2017 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

    Although each longlisted entrepreneur has a unique business model, product or service they all have one thing in common – they are all helping accelerate a smarter, more sustainable future.

    Closing the loop on waste
    Karina Sudenyte (Get Wonky), Giuseppe Baidoo (Ooze Drinks), Ryan Yasin (Petit Pli) and Douglas Martin (MiAlgae) are helping advance the transition to a circular economy by looking beyond the traditional take-make-dispose approach.

    Powering tomorrow
    Hugo Tilmouth (Charged Up), Josh Burton (Metronome Energy) and Sam Rogers (Braw Power) have developed technology and business models which are helping to create a sustainable energy future.

    Resource efficient food
    Adam Dixon (Phytoponics) and Nicolas Kral (Phytoform) are helping transform the agricultural sector to ensure the food of the future is grown as efficiently as possible.

    Combatting water pollution
    Pierre Guglielmi (WeeWash), Irina Fedorenko (Bubblenut Wash) and Henrik Hagemann (CustoMem) have founded game-changing businesses which are helping reduce and remove pollution from UK waterways.

    Innovative minds can help us to find new solutions to the energy and resource challenges of a growing population, these 12 entrepreneurs are helping by finding new sources of low-carbon energy, reducing wastewater and helping to make today's resources go further. Find out more about the 12 entrepreneurs here:
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