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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 - Female Entrepreneurship

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  • Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 - Female Entrepreneurship

    Female entrepreneurship, a theme of this years’ Global Entrepreneurship Week, is gaining more attention in global research and policy fields. It is widely reported that there are fewer female entrepreneurs than their male counterparts and, whilst the gender gap varies across nations and regions, this is a global trend. New research also highlights that there is an export gap between female and male entrepreneurs; female started, owned and run businesses are less likely to trade internationally than male-owned businesses. The barriers for female entrepreneurs in global value chains include access to finance and information, difficulties in identifying opportunities to internationalize through fewer networking opportunities, and difficulties associated with prohibitive cultural and social norms. Whilst the barriers female entrepreneurs face in relation to exporting mirror the challenges they face in entrepreneurship more generally, the barriers become more pronounced for those who export; for example, internationalising requires more capital and a wider network, two elements of enterprise that female entrepreneurs can find less accessible due to the challenges and barriers that they face (Forbes).

    Despite the challenges that female entrepreneurs continue to face, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s 2016-17 report on Women’s Entrepreneurship found that the gender gap in entrepreneurship participation had fallen by 5% from their previous report two years earlier. In addition, the awareness raising in this year’s GEW, as well as global initiatives and policies targeting these challenges, mark an increase in the interest and focus of policy makers in reducing the gender gap in entrepreneurship. WeConnect International connects female-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world and the Buenos Aires Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment, signed by 118 WTO members and observers, endorses the increased participation of women in trade. These are two examples demonstrating the increasing interest and focus of policy makers in driving female entrepreneurship forward (GEM Consortium).

    Has your business started exporting recently? Can you share any tips?

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    Dear Kasia,
    Do you have any recommendations for those of us that are seeking initial funding for a business project - we have the business idea but need the starting funding in order to get a prototype in place.
    We are currently conducting PhDs at university in UK and are finding that there is little support both financial and practically for people at our stage of the business.


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      Thank you for your message.

      Shell LiveWIRE currently offers funding through the Smarter Future Programme, which offers five-thousand-pound no-strings attached funding to entrepreneurs that are looking to implement innovative business solutions that meet the energy and resource needs of a growing population. This is a monthly competition open to entrepreneurs aged between 16 and 30. You can find more information about the programme and how to apply here:

      We also have links to a number of other funding opportunities on our website (see below):

      I hope this was helpful and good luck in your business project!

      Does anybody else have suggestions for funding opportunities?