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Three top tips from our alumni

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  • Three top tips from our alumni

    Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2018 is in full swing and Shell LiveWIRE is proud to support the world's biggest festival of entrepreneurship with some expert insight from our alumni. We know that starting up can be an overwhelming place to be and you won’t get it right every time, but resilience is a key strength to have as an entrepreneur.

    We asked Irina, co-founder of social enterprise Kindness Collective, for her top tip for dealing with challenges. She told us that headspace is key when you’re starting up.

    “Every time we’re facing a challenge, we try to take a break, go somewhere for a walk, a short trip and try looking at it in a new way. When we take breaks, the creativity starts flowing again and we can bounce back and tap into the passion that is guiding us through our business journey.”

    t can be scary to dive in to something new and failure is a worry for a lot of entrepreneurs, but Terence at FRUU has shared some great advice. For Terence, who by his own admission has faced a fair share of setbacks, failure is a just another opportunity.

    "Whilst some people would regard them as failures, I see them as a way to learn and improve myself in a different dimension. Try hard, fail quick and try differently the next time.”

    Dan Murray, 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year, has come to the end of one entrepreneurial journey. He learnt a lot in the process but now that he’s looking to the future, he had some thoughts to share.

    “I've learned that asking for help is a sign of courage not weakness. With Grabble we scaled so quickly, but never got the support we needed. We didn't know if it was appropriate to ask for help, or who to do that with. This time round, I am starting up again, and so keen and hungry to ask for help far and wide.”

    These hard-learned lessons are all part of the entrepreneurial journey, and GEW is the perfect time to take the first step.
    Emily Carlson
    Project Manager (Shell LiveWIRE UK)