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The time is almost here to celebrate Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of The Year!

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  • The time is almost here to celebrate Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of The Year!

    The six entrepreneurs competing in this year’s final were announced this week. In July, the finalists will compete for Twenty-Five-Thousand-Pounds no-strings attached funding for their low-carbon business, as well as the title of ‘Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year’. Each entrepreneur has won one of Shell LiveWIRE’s monthly Smarter Future Awards for their innovative ideas that meet the energy and resource needs of a fast-growing population.

    Two of the finalists are aiming to make the urban environments we live in more sustainable. Nathan Edwards of Container Design and Build (CBD) uses shipping containers to create quality office space, retail units and homes, limiting the waste of old shipping containers and creating a more efficient use of space in our crowded urban centres. Thomas Fudge’s business WASE also aims to improve sustainability in our urban environments, using a wastewater treatment system to turn wastewater into renewable energy and enabling customers to reuse the treated water and energy on-site, lowering the carbon impact of their processes.

    Thomas Farruga (Beta Bugs) and Charlie Guy (LettUs Grow) are using their businesses to improve sustainability in the agriculture sector. Beta Bugs breeds insects to be used in livestock and agriculture feed, providing a less environmentally damaging alternative to traditional protein sources such as soymeal and fishmeal. LettUs Grow uses aeroponic grow beds that can be installed in vertical farms in order to grow vegetables using 95% less water than traditional agriculture methods.

    Our final two finalists are creating the materials of the future! Ehab Sayed (Biohm) is developing Triagomy, a new form of construction using natural and bio-based materials that enables buildings to be deconstructed at any stage of their life, eliminating the need for demolition and reducing buildings’ environmental impact by up to 120%. Martina Zupan’s start-up Alterwaste aims to reuse industrial waste to provide alternatives to plastic and other non-sustainable materials; Alterwaste has developed a fully compostable material from eggshells that can provide sustainable solutions in the packaging, food service disposables, cosmetics, gardening and construction sectors.

    Which of these fantastic low-carbon businesses is your favourite?