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    Hi There! I just finished Penelope Trunk's 'Brazen Careerist'. Great reading for the aspiring entrepreneur but also anyone who really wants to take control of their career path. Has some good networking tips in their too, which are good for anyone with a job, frankly. She also has an honest and sometimes shocking career blog of the same name.

    First career 'coach' who actually captured me with her writing so far. It's very much aimed at Generation Ys and is packed with current topics.


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      'Read This Before Your Next Meeting' by Al Pittampalli [Domino Project]

      Here's my review of the latest book from Seth Godin's Domino Project which I think many of you will enjoy reading.

      Note: You can download a free version to your Kindle device or Kindle app on your smartphone, iPhone or PC/Mac for the next 7 days (until 10th August)...

      'Read This Before Your Next Meeting' by Al Pittampalli
      Kindle version | Hardcover version

      How many meetings do you have at work where you leave thinking `what a complete waste of time and effort'?

      If the answer is `a lot' or `most of them' then you really must read Al Pittampalli's excellent new book `Read This Before Our Next Meeting`.

      The latest title from The Domino Project, Al's book highlights all that is wrong with the `traditional meeting' and suggests a better, more productive way to do business through the `Modern Meeting`.

      Describing Microsoft Office email Appointments as `weapons of mass interruption', Al hits the nail on the head when he says that it's far too easy for people to call team meetings with little care or thought for the impact they might have on the recipients that have to sit through 'another bad meeting'.

      Furthermore, he points out how meetings have become stalling tactics and havens for complacency and collective indecision in too many organisations around the world. Too many meetings with too many people (or the wrong ones) leads to inaction, compromise and mediocrity. `Less talk, more action' should be the new mantra.

      Some of the key themes and ideas I took from the book which I will be trying to implement in future include;
      • Thinking really, really carefully before calling a meeting and who you should invite. (Sounds obvious but is a very important point to make).
      • Taking your time to circulate reading materials before the meeting and INSISTING that all attendees read them beforehand. If they turn up for the meeting without reading, then you are perfectly within your rights to ask them to leave. Time is precious and you certainly don't have time to go through the background info at the beginning. These types of `informaional meetings' are a big waste of your and everyone else's time.
      • Simply turning up for a meeting isn't enough. All attendees should be expected to `turn up' in mind and spirit and contribute something to the meeting. Make it clear that they must add some value to proceedings (asking questions, sharing insight, offering to take on task) otherwise they aren't welcome or necessary and won't be invited to future meetings.
        Make sure that all meetings have a clear purpose, clear objective(s) and end on time. Put a big visual countdown timer on display so people know that you mean business.
      • Ensure that someone makes good and proper notes from the meeting which are circulated soon after with clear action points for all attendees. I would actually suggest that if it's important, the person calling the meeting should also take their own notes and follow things up personally. Ideally, all attendees should be making their own notes too and taking responsibility for actions in the actual meeting (far too many do neither and then can't remember what was agreed to).
      Like all Domino Project titles, this highly useful book is deliberately fast-paced and designed to be read in around 1hr (I read mine via Kindle App on my Windows Phone on the bus journey home from work).

      So, if you're sick of feeling like your time is being wasted by pointless meetings or are simply looking for ways to improve your professional capacity and productivity at work, then I highly recommend you grab hold of a copy. Even better if you can share it with your colleagues too so they can understand where you are coming from.

      Perhaps you could even hold a `Modern Meeting' to discuss how to roll them out across the organisation?


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        My favourite business book I have read is James Caans. I hVe read several, but only James was I able to think about the importance fo family balance and having a social aspect to every business. I am sure I will read others that will be inspiring but for now were just not there yet. May have to start buying books for the iPad though as books are so heavy to carry everywhere.
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          Have you read the Power of Now?

          I am currently looking to connect with people who have (or would like to) read The Power Of Now and would value being supported to actually live it, both on a 1-1 basis, and connecting with a group of like hearted people that have read this book and are working to live it!
          The aim is to empower you to form a mastermind group where you develop through the development of others - making a difference to your life and the lives of others.

          If you are serious about becoming a business leader, then you need to be able to focus your thoughts and feelings exactly how you want. How much of your day do you spend thinking about the past or the future?

          How able are you to even focus on 1 single thought for 10 minutes? Have you tried it for even 1 minute??

          Only once you can do that, you you even think about seriously creating something sustainable as a business creator. This book is vital for your ability to be still, and create exactly what you want for your life and for the lives of others.

          How many of us struggle to achieve things and follow through on targets/goals/promises we make ourselves?
          By forming a group of committed like hearted people we can all learn, support one another and ensure we are always making strides forward to be living the lives we want.


          Have an incredible day,



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            Read the Magic of Thinking Big - any goal you have or a dream you want to fulfill you can do it with this book!
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              I found that the book from the guys who set up Innocent Drinks was really inspirational and a great help too. Not only is it auto biographical but it has tips, pointers and a consistent message.



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                My 2 current books (very inspiring):

                1) Scott Kelby "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers"
                it is about all aspects of digital photo taking/editing that is a "must read" for every single photographer

                2) Joyce Walsh Macario "Graphic Design Essentials: Skills, Software and Creative Solutions"
                it is about basics of graphic design supported by software tricks & tips - a "must read" for aspiring designers
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                  Hello Everyone,

                  Interesting titles as well as the usual suspects.


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                    'End Malaria' by Michael Bungay Stanier & The Domino Project

                    If you’re a fan of Seth Godin and other motivational, inspirational writers then you will find the new book from The Domino Project ‘End Malaria‘ a real treat.

                    Packed full of short essays, tips and insights from over 60 of the world’s leading thinkers and business brains, the purpose of this book is not only to inspire and engage the reader to bigger and better things in their own life but to actually participate in a much higher purpose by saving the lives of others too.

                    Released today on 7th September 2011 as part of ‘End Malaria Day‘ – $20 dollars (around £12 GBP) from each physical copy sold (and the full amount of each Kindle version sold) will be donated to ‘Malaria No More‘, an international advocacy organisation on a mission to end malaria-related deaths by 2015.

                    The money raised will be used to pay for mosquito nets which are proven to be one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce deaths and increase life expectancy in malaria-ridden countries. The goal is to sell 100,000 copies on day one which will save 4 million lives.

                    Please buy this book and play your part in saving lives today. To find out more about the project and people behind ‘End Malaria Day’ visit:


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                      I have taken a lot of tips from this book! such a great read.
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                        Rich dad, poor dad is the best book i have ever read! i would recommend to any thinking about a business
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                          I like books that are simple to read and to the point so have chosen the following,

                          >The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (The Power is the follow up)
                          "The secret of the master mind is found wholly in the use of imagintion."
                          Christian D. Lawson (1874-1962)
                          >A Guide for the Advanced Soul
                          "The more you depend on forces outside yourself,
                          the more your dominated by them."
                          Harold Sherman
                          They get mixed ratings, because they are more about believing in yourself, and achieving through positive thinking, harnessing all the positivity of the world. They are feel good books.
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                            Website in 7 days

                            Great ebook if you want to learn how to create a website on Wordpress.
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                              The ART of WAR !!
                              ALAN SUGAR What you see is what you get !!
                              RICHARD BRANSON Lessons in Life !!


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                                Thanks for all your recommendations. Some fantastic sounding books in here