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  • imbelished job titles

    Most of my time is spent drawing cartoons and I'm trying to put together a series for a future purpose as yet undecided. I'm thinking daft job titles illustrated by an image of what you actually do. For example

    Stock relocation assistant - shelf stacker

    environmental engineer - binman. Although if you're a mob boss perhaps waste management consultant is more you.

    Humorous concept visualizer - cartoonist

    And on and on we go. Best ones you've heard or can pluck out of your head at short notice. Any I use will get a copy of the toon to do with as they wish on their website/newsletter/fb page.

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    Wet Leisure Assistant - Lifeguard

    Waste Management and Disposal Technician (and permutations thereof) - binman (or more correctly bin person)

    Modality Manager - Nurse

    Communications Executive - call centre employee

    Finish Carpenter (as against a Start Carpenter!)

    Remedy Engineer - Doctor

    Strong Room Controller (as against a weak one?)
    Professional website hosting in the UK
    Windows Live / MSN Messenger


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      My local morrisons rebranded shelf stacker to "ambient replenishment executive" which was pretty insulting