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Would you ever apply for BBC's The Apprentice or is it career suicide?

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  • Would you ever apply for BBC's The Apprentice or is it career suicide?

    It's been a while since we had any discussion about The Apprentice on our Forum so I thought I'd start a new one off...

    Like me, I know that many of you are big fans of the show and watch it every week, but would you ever seriously enter it yourself or do you think that it would be career suicide?

    The £250,000 investment and chance to work with Lord Sugar may sound tempting, but is it really as good as it sounds, and is it worth being on the show when you risk leaving with egg on your face and your reputation in tatters?

    It's Series 8 now and despite some notable exceptions like Tim Campbell, Michelle Dewberry, Claire Young, Melody Hossaini and Thomas Pellereau, few have managed to use the TV exposure to forge a high profile (and credible) career in the business / enterprise world. The rest have been largely forgotten.

    What do you guys think?

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    I would definitely apply for The Apprentice if I could. The £250,00 investment and chance to work with Lord Sugar is very tempting indeed and a great opportunity. Even if you did get fired because of certian mistakes, at least you can learn from them. Everyone in business makes mistakes, its part of running a business. People wanting to go into business shouldn't be scared or worried to make big decisions. They either work out or they don't. Somethimes, you have to take a risk.


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      If by any chance I'd be given an opportunity on joining on this show, I'd grab it. Firstly, because it's once in a lifetime chance. The price are totally tempting. Thirdly, the fact that I'd get an exposure, is an added advantage!
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        The program itself is a good watch, and I think moving it to a £250k investment instead of a job with Alan Sugar was a great idea from a business point of view, by which I mean I'd much rather have the money than a job with Alan Sugar!

        Overall though, I think it's a bad idea to apply to be on the show and be on the show at all. There are many things to take into account... how they condense probably 24+ hours of filming into 25 minutes TV time, and will only pick out memorable bits and / or bits that show someone making mistakes, the issue of getting so far in the application process only to have the final selection made based on how well you will be for TV ratings, the list is endless.

        The matter of exposure is also debatable - would you want to go into business with Stuart Baggs? What about the winner of the last series, Tom Pellereau? Yes he did win, and I think his products are great and innovative and everything you'd expect from a creative person, but if you watched the series it was a miracle that he did win!

        While it's a good program, I find myself shouting at the TV because of the seemingly constant strategic mistakes that they make, year in year out. 'Let's send half the team to the focus group, then completely ignore everything they find and do what I want because I'm the project manager!' That's simply not a good reflection of business.

        I could go on, and do go on at length about it, but I think it's pretty clear what my opinion is! Good for TV, bad for your business.


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          Hmmm.... if you compare it to all these top model casting shows, that are definitely operated in the same way, I suggest NO. Why? Because all these models/ startups are burned out. I guess that there are a lot of business concepts that could definitely being started and funded, but after a NO in this show, they are gone. So, it's kind of hazardous to participate in my view.


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            I think it's best to remember that it is a show made for entertainment, Alan Sugar's got huuuuuge amounts of publicity out of the series' and as in most big businesses, doesn't really give a **** about anyone else, just looks at it in terms of his business, image & money.

            99% of the people on the show are just a bunch of big headed sales people, you get the odd business owner but for some reason, salespeople like to think of themselves as big business owners/entrepreneurs when in reality, they'e just selling someone elses products/services [Can you tell I don't like them )

            I wouldn't say it's career suicide, more that you shouldn't expect him to give you a career, he might give you a quick boost with a 6 figure salary for a year or big investment but chances are, 10 years down the line he's going to have forgotten who you are

            As they say, any publicity is good publicity!
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