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    Hi all

    as some of you are aware i am currently doing the worst job in the world locked away in a bt dungeon.

    i have potentially bagged a job doing it support for a local private school for almost double the money for the same hours.

    however this requires experience.

    my problem is i know i can do the job but i have little on paper to prove it.

    i have 2 years supporting remotly networks, vpn,s routers, firewalls and pc hardware and operating systems which will go in my favour.

    however my real experience comes from nemesis computers. if you were an employer would you accept this? obviously nobody can verify this as under data protection i can just give the likes of the nhs contact details out.

    my company counts for more than 500 machine builds and repairs and about 50 2-40 machine network set-ups which is more than likely to snag me the job.

    i dont know how kindly my employer would take it if i was doing both at the same time either.

    what do you guys think? should i come clean with the extra experience or keep it to myself?

    i need a job to cover the day to day bills at the moment and REALLY want out of bt. this job is ideal as id be getting out of bed to do something i love each day

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    Hi Nemesis,
    I used to work in a school running the network there. My situation was slightly different as the school was government run.

    It would have been difficult to build PCs on the side as well as have this job because of council legislation regarding conflicts of interest.

    Schools on the whole pay a lot less for IT staff than businesses and their networks are generally a lot less complex. This means they don't expect paper qualifications such as the MCSE or CCNA (which are worthless anyway).

    Your experience from building/maintaining computers is only a small part of the job description anyway so by all means mention that you have built a lot of PCs but don't expect too much kudos from it.

    Does the school have a technically minded head of IT?


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      they dont mention if they do. its all kept quite hush and i cannot get the name of the school from the agency.

      i am fully confident about the job. its just a few small networks all running over win 2000 with nothing any more complicated than tcp/ip running over it.

      the only part i cant do is they need photoshop experience. i lied about this part as they say i just need a grounding in it. i have 3 weeks before it starts if i get it so ill become proficient in that time without a problem

      the contract specifies

      computer mainenance.
      hardware and software upgrades
      small network support.
      general it support
      help departments with any network/printer/ system problems
      maintain tcp/ip and ICS network

      all dead easy stuff for me.

      some person fresh out of college who hasnt ever opened a machine or physicly done any networking will probably get it over me though as its on paper

      i can smell freedom from this job and i want it. Adam knows how much i loath this place lol


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        someone fresh out of college does not have the hands on experience. You can get a CCNA now without going near a Cisco product.

        Your experience will win hands down over someone with a certificate. Agencies get people applying all the time with qualifications and no experience. I didnt get a single call from an agency when my CV boasted qualifications, but as soon as I made it more experienced based I was getting calls all the time.

        The agency will be on your side over a college kid...


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          Lie? Don't mention the fact that you own nemesis computers? e.g. "Built computers for an online trading company". While blatant lying can't really be condoned, I think everyone "massages" their CVs a bit. Just do what it takes to get the job! If you're sure you can do it, and do it well, noone's going to complain once you're there.


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            I agree with Jamie, Experience is what counts in most cases, and seeing as its working in a school I doubt they will want a kid staright out of college either.
            If you need any help on the photoshop side of things feel free to drop me a mail, it's what i do for a living.


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              hi guys

              i put on my cv i have experience system building. if they ask i think ill take your advice and say it was for an online company. i can always get my girlfriend to say she owns the company as she knows what i do anyway

              olly i may take you up on that, ill get a demo copy downloaded tonight and crack on

              i presume the main thing done in photoshop is image editing and not the creating yes? im not very artistic you see


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                well it can be both really. its a very vast program which allows you to be as creative as you want to anything more then basic image editing in your enviroment.

                do you know how they are using it there. is it just in the I.T. department or are they actually teaching it in classes, I'm just having trouble thinking of how they would need you to provide support with it, unless they wnat you to help teach it?


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                  thats what i was thinking. its actually part of the job description. perhaps in true school teacher fashion ill have to show the it teacher how to use the programme. i hope not lol

                  im sure i can pick it up to intermediate level within 3 weeks though


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                    yes I would have thought 3 weeks would be more then enough to get a basic grounding. They havn't been too specific with how much nowledge you need so as long as you can talk your way into the job then any other requirements they need you can just read up on in your spare time.


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                      Without any knowledge, not only you will not have those things but you cannot look for a job as well. Most organizations, especially those who enhance profession progression within the organization, will only take those with family member level. Education will provide personnel a powerful groundwork on what the market is all about and create thoughts on how to increase the organization.But even though knowledge could be a highly effective groundwork to have a effective profession, it is never a assurance. There are circumstances wherein your knowledge cannot assurance a job.


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                        Wow this is a blast from the past !

                        For what its worth im now a Service delivery manager with 70+direct reports including team leaders, managers and Project managers!

                        since 2004
                        • I never got the job at the school, they wanted an MCP
                        • I joined halliburton as a service desk analyst
                        • I moved to Shell as a desktop analyst
                        • I joined a partnership and opened Cafe-Lan as IT director and 35% owner
                        • That sadly went south a harsh lesson at 22
                        • I joined Dell as a field engineer
                        • I worked at the council as a senior desktop
                        • I moved to Petrofac in a variety of roles culminating in Teamlead and junior PM
                        • I moved to Intersum as a Delivery manager/Server guy
                        • I moved to my current company as a delivery manager
                        Currently working towards a directorship within 18 months (or so is my goal)

                        Since the post i have carried out upwards of 500 interviews as the interviewer and have a firm preference for hands on over certifications. New knowledge to me from then is that you win or lose a job within 5 minutes if your CV is a true statement of your skills

                        Would love it if others in this post replied with the same as above for nostalgias sake i was 20 when i posted this


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                          wow you actually worked for Satan. How is it to work for Halliburton? Did you have to sacrifice small children at the alter of freedom and the like?


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                            haha no i actually really enjoyed it. I didnt in all honesty do much but play quake in those days because it was so quiet. Im kind of glad i never got the job at the school though as the il and gas market has been good to me


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                              well it's good for someone at least, the price at the pump is killing everyone. Kinda wish I still done bicycles, everyone is looking for a cheap way to get around. A friend of mine is in Dubai at the moment and he likes to annoy everyone by saying things like "I filled up my toyota hilux for 4 quid yesterday"