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  • Invoices/Receipts

    Hi everyone

    I am doing a craft demonstration/party with the Brownies on Friday night. They will be making one handmade card, and watching a demonstration, which will last 30 mins.

    The leader of the Brownies has said they will pay for all the material I use etc but they need a invoice listing all items individually and cost, they also need a receipt when I receive payment, to keep their books right.

    Can anyone give me some advice when sending invoices please as I have never used this method before.

    This is the first demonstration which I have done so far but could lead to alot more.

    Thanks in advance
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    If you have MS office, there is a basic invoice template available in your templates folder, Under Spreadsheet solutions (Usually, the Create New office document link is listed at the top of your start menu), you can edit most things on it.

    It is basic but should suffice

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      And you can just write a handwritten receipt confirming you have received the amount - sign and date it.
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        Invoicing is an often tedious but necessary part of growing your business. Therefore automate your invoicing process by applying cloud-based tools to get it all done! So using a invoice template to bill and get paid faster, printed or offline is very crucial.


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          If you are looking for an online tool to help manage clients, account and send invoices, then I'd recommend FreeAgent for a small business.

          If it does interest you, then here's a 10% off discount code too